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The Methodist Church

A message from the minister, Margaret Oxenham:

Situated in the centre of the village of Polperro is our Methodist Church. Three years ago it had a large renovation programme, which was a challenge to all.

Its Mission is to be open and welcoming to

  • The Local Community for Concerts; Youth Work; Bazaars etc which are held on the premises.
  • The Visiting Community. The Church is open every day during the summer Season for quiet reflection and a chat with the members. it also provides a breathing space for the Disabled and their carers who are perhaps finding the walk to the harbour tiring.
  • The Worshipping Community. This building provides a focal point for many Ecumenical events within the village; the Harvest of the Sea; the Choir Carol Service etc.

For me, personally Polperro is a community where each individual is cherished and supported, especially within the Church. Although I am not a local by birth I am definitely made to feel a local as I share in the joys and sorrows which this community is party to.

Every Blessing,

Margaret Oxenham

(Local Methodist Minister)

    John WesleyJohn Wesley
Methodism has flourished in Polperro for around 240 years. John Wesley records having visited Polperro twice in 1762 and again in 1768. Early Methodists met in people s homes, and around 1790 the first small Chapel was planned and built "in the middle of the town, close to the brook on the Talland side". It was twice extended, in the early years of the 19th Century, and a second Methodist Church was built on Talland Hill in 1838. This closed in the 1950 s and is now an Antiques shop, with residential accommodation. In 1877, the Bible Christians, an off-shoot of main stream Methodism, built a further Church where the Ebenezer Art Gallery now thrives. Throughout the years, the original Methodist Church continued, and in 1904, a new, larger Methodist Church was built on the site, the original Church becoming a Sunday School.

Polperro Methodist Church in 1954 These two buildings continued to 1993, when a severe flood damaged many properties in the Village, including the old Church, and it proved necessary to demolish the original Church, and replace it with a new and comfortable small room, (The Annexe) which has a modern kitchen and toilets, and with facilities for the physically disabled. The 1904 Church was re-furbished at the same time, removing the much loved pitch pine pews, and replacing The new annex to Polperro Methodist Church, 1999with comfortable chairs, a new Heating system, and fully carpeting the whole premises, which were re-dedicated in 1998. We now have a modernised and comfortable building which is used by the Church, the Village, and by voluntary organisations.

Why not call in when you visit Polperro? We are open for 4-5 hours most weekdays during the Summer, as well as for Sunday Services - 11.00am throughout the year, with Junior Church, and also at 6.00pm.during the Summer months - see our poster board for details.

Harvest Festival at Polperro Methodist Church During the period October to April, we have a thriving Women's Fellowship on Tuesdays at 2.30pm., a Bible Study at 10.30am on Wednesday most weeks, and from May to September we host a weekly "Drop-in" Centre for Physically Handicapped and Elderly folk on Tuesdays, and Wheelchairs and Walking Sticks are most warmly welcome to rest for an hour, before the half mile journey to the top of the Village Car Park! Books, music, and a "cuppa" with someone to chat to, could be the highlight of your visit! Carers are also very welcome to rest-a-while.

Church groups are especially welcome, and, with notice, a cup of tea or coffee can be arranged.

For further information about the Church, please ring 01503 272756. If you would like to contact the Minister, please ring Rev Margaret Oxenham on 01503 263235.

You can also find out about other Methodist Churches in Cornwall on www.methodistcornwall.org.uk

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