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Our Team

wwww.polperro.org is owned and operated by The OakVine Consultancy/OakVine.net as a service to visitors and residents of Polperro. Free space is provided on the site for bona fide voluntary bodies etc. The development and operating costs of the site are offset by revenue from advertisers.

Bob Tarr, webmaster of www.polperro.org
Bob Tarr
, Director of The OakVine Consultancy/OakVine.net, founded this website in 1999 and designed and constructed it from scratch. Bob also founded and runs two other local websites - www.looe.org and www.talland.org.

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Brian Shepherd, Events Diary Editor of www.polperro.orgBrian Shepherd lives right in the centre of the village, and has been heavily involved in running local events for a long time now. He has maintained the Events Diary almost from Day 1 of the website back in 1999 and also developed the parts of the site about the village's popular annual Arts Festival. Brian designed the website's logo and ran the previous forum back in the bad old days when these things weren't as sophisticated and required a lot of manual effort. Now he acts as one of the several Moderators of the site's present Forum

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Tony White, Polperro's Postmaster and this website's honorary Chief/Special CorrespondentTony White, Polperro's Postmaster, is this website's Chief Correspondent - Tony, a retired master mariner and captain of global supertankers, is these days immersed up to the top of his head in the life of the village and undertakes a number of official and honorary roles and, naturally, as village postmaster, knows what's going on. Tony's Post Office is just a few short metres to Brian's home, so it's ideal for a spot of short range nagging (of Brian by Tony) to ensure that all the latest info is on the site.

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Jeremy Rowett Johns, History & Family History Editor of www.polperro.orgJeremy Rowett Johns
was History & Family History Editor. Jerry was responsible for all the historical material on the site as History Editor and was webmaster of the site from August 2001 to November 2002. Jerry also developed the family history pages on the site which have become a useful resource for those interested in tracing their Cornish roots. He was one of the driving forces in establishing the Polperro Family History Society (and is now its Secretary) - the Society has its own sub-domain on this website, which includes both public pages and pages which are only for members of the society. Jerry is the author of two books about Polperro and is also owner of the Polperro Heritage Press which publishes many books on subjects related to Polperro, its locality and the south-west (as well as other subjects). Although due to his many other commitments he is no longer acting as History and Family History Editor, Jerry stays in close touch and advises us on these matters.

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www.polperro.org was founded in November 1999 and now has a huge amount of material on it - but there is still lots of interesting material about Polperro to be discovered and made accessible on this website.
    Our team always has room for willing volunteers who know - or are willing to find out - interesting things about Polperro and help turn them into webpages. We are particularly interested in material about subjects which we haven't so far covered and there is always potential for more material about local history, documenting people's memories, etc. We are also keen to recruit helpers to keep pages up to date. No computer or internet/website authoring/development expertise is necessary (we can do, or help you with that bit) - but if you have the expertise - or are willing to acquire it - even better! The pay is not impressive (in fact it's non-existent) but the task is interesting! Please contact one or other of our team if you would be interested and willing to assist.  

Copyright and reproduction of material

All material published on www.polperro.org is copyright and all rights are reserved. The owner of the copyright is normally stated on each page and is often the author of the material. If not otherwise stated copyright belongs to The OakVine Consultancy/OakVine.net.

We, and our authors, are often willing to allow material to be used or quoted from - e.g. for school/academic purposes or on other websites of relevance to the subject matter, PROVIDED permission is requested in advance and full attribution is given when the material is reproduced. Generally speaking a fee will only be required where the material is to be used for commercial purposes.

Requests for information

We regret to say that we have not got the resources to answer questions or provide tourist information to individuals - please use our Forum to ask questions etc.
This website does not produce or distribute any printed tourist information, maps, guides etc. The nearest Tourist Office is in Looe - tel: 01503 262072.

We do endeavour to answer requests for information etc about the village from media organisations etc producing tv or radio programmes or newspaper features - if we can't help we will try to point you in the right direction to someone who can. email us - click here (Please note - this email address is not for requests for information by individuals). Or telephone: 01503 272 273


www.polperro.org is right at the top of the rankings of the main search engines for seaches on relevant search terms and is a very cost effective advertising medium for local hoteliers, owners of bed & breakfast establishments, self-catering cottage owners etc and for local shops and other traders and service providers. Some advertisers, we know (because they have told us) advertise nowhere else!
Please contact us if you would like to advertise on this website - click here or telephone: 01503 272 273

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