In 1995
an inspection of the roof spaces uncovered some interesting artefacts.

    The largest find was of old chairs from the infants class, dated as Edwardian circa 1910. Lying under some rubble were some text books dating back to 1878 and six old "Child's School Books".

    These were the records of attendance issued to each child, signed by a teacher, Edmund Hill, and counter signed by the Clerk to the Board School. They related to the attendances in 1879, 1880 and 1881 of Janie Littleton, John Henry Geach, William Best Oliver, Thomas Jolliff, Nathaniel Libby and William Henry Stokesbury. All were born between 1869 and 1872. Mr Stokesbury senior was at the time serving as a Coastguard in Polperro, the others were all local children.

    A selection of these items can be seen at the Heritage Museum.
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Old School House - Village Hall
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Play Group Mon, Tue & Fri 9am to 12.30pm Wed & Thu 9am to 2pm.Contact Lindy Lewis 01503 272278
Women's Institute 2nd Wed of the month. Mrs Janet Bryant 01503 272613
The Village Hall is situated at the top of the Coombes, adjacent to the Crumplehorn Inn (near main car park). It was the original village Board School and opened in 1878. The school was able to accommodate 250 pupils and also had living accommodation for the Headmaster

In 1893 the average attendance was as 173 and Elijah Bennett was listed as Master. In 1906 average attendance was 221, with Mr Bennett still Master.

In 1978 the old school was closed and replaced by the current Primary School at Brentfield. The Parish Council purchased the building and in July 1979 a Lease and Trust Deed were signed, which formalised the property as the village hall, "for the benefit of the residents of Lansallos Parish".

As a registered charity, the day to day running of the hall is by a committee of Management Trustees and funding comes from public donations and income from the hire of rooms for various activities.

The Village Hall now hosts a dozen regular village groups, and a variety of other activities, such as the Parish Council meetings, summer Art Exhibitions & Antiques & Collectables Fairs (see Events diary)

Railway club Wed evenings 2000 to 2200, then to the pub- now there's a surprise! John Holden 01503 272952
Drama Group Tue 5 to 9.30pm. Lucy Hebbs 01579 349031
Sunday Group Sun 11.30am to 2pm. Contact Jane Dignam 01503272628

For general information or bookings please contact the Warden: Mrs Tina Winterson The Old School House, The Coombes, Polperro, PL13 2RH, Tel: 01503 272887

Thanks to a generous donation from Bob Tarr, the Web master of this site, the “Age Concern” room at the hall has been refurbished. The group had been fund raising for sometime to be able to upgrade their room, but with the members not getting any younger it was taking them time. They have now been able to have the upgrade that they wanted, and also to be able to purchase some new side tables and kettles that meet with modern requirements. Dick and Betty Turner, who run Age Concern have expressed their gratitude and are delighted for all their members who now have a light and pleasant room to have their meetings in. The opportunity was also taken to pass on the old library and thanks to donations of books from other residents, there is now a good selection of “new” books to choose from.

Tony White, Polperro, June 2004
Brownies & Guides Mon 6.30 to 9pm. Karen Bowdler 01503 264486
  Parish Council Meetings held the third Mon of the month. Contact The Clerk 01208 76323
  Village Hall Committee Meetings held the fourth Tue of the month. Tony White 01503 272225
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